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Jacobs Law PLLC, we understand your need to heal
and feel like you again. Let us fight for your right to heal.

Maximize Your Settlement

Our goal is always to get you the settlement you deserve from our personal injury lawyer team. Healing is a process and that process may require doctor visits, physical therapy or perhaps surgery.

Personal Injury Attorney in Denver, Colorado

Jacobs Law PLLC, we know how to not only maximize your benefit, but also how to negotiate your medical bills.

Extensive Countrywide Presence
Our nearby personal injury attorneys tirelessly seek fairness for our clients, regardless of their location.

Private Case Assessment
Complimentary private case assessment for accidents involving cars, trucks, 18-wheelers, bicycles, and motorcycles.

Exhaustive Efforts
We will exhaust all conceivable measures to ensure the culpable entities are answerable for their deeds and strive for the utmost recompense for your situation.

Navigating Life After an Accident: Let Us Lighten Your Load

It’s Stressful, We Can Help

The aftermath of an accident can be overwhelming as you struggle to put the pieces of your life back together. Dealing with expensive medical bills, time away from work and the inability to enjoy your favorite activities is difficult.

We Negotiate for You

The insurance company has big, bad, pricey lawyers fighting to minimize your claim. Jacobs Law, we know how to negotiate with these expensive suits. We will get you the money you deserve.

Our Areas of Expertise

Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents On the Job Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents Contact us today and get your life back.

Why Hire Jacobs Law?

What our clients can tell you about personal injury, in their own words

Mary was injured when a car slammed into her at a red light. While she was getting treatment the insurance company used their usual trick of trying to get her to sign off on their “low ball” offer. She called 303-LAW-4040 instead. Dan went to work and ultimately got Mary 52 TIMES the original low ball offer.

Mary was so happy with how Dan and Kim handled her claim, she called back and invited them to her wedding. Dan was honored to attend and brought a big pan of brisket of course!

The Bride

David was in an accident that wasn’t his fault. His case was a little complicated but not enough of a “slam dunk” for the TV lawyers. He was turned down, one by one, by each of the lawyers that go on television and claim they will “fight for you.”

Finally, he heard Dan Jacobs’ voice on the radio and decided to send Dan a note. A short 45 days later, we secured $58,000 for David on a claim that not a single “TV Lawyer” would touch!

– Turned Down by the TV Lawyers

Anselmo was hurt and out of money after being unable to work due to an accident. He called Dan after hearing a radio commercial. Using his medical payments coverage we were able to get some money in pocket right away to help get back on his feet while the firm worked on his larger claim.

At the end of the day, we got Anselmo over $60,000, allowing him to pick up back up and passion he had let go a long time ago – playing a brand new guitar.

– Guitar Man


About Our Firm

Dan Jacobs is the town judge of Otis and Eckley, Colorado. He’s an experienced trial attorney who trained under the leadership of Gerry Spence, and a Washburn Law Graduate Class of 2010. On the weekends, Dan is a talk show host on 104.3 the Fan. Twice a month, he puts his BBQ skills to work serving meals and groceries #ForAurora. Dan is passionate about helping people from all walks of life.

He works alongside his wife, Kim, everyday to help improve the lives of their clients. The couple have 3 beautiful daughters and enjoy spending time in the mountains, and getting outside with their two energetic pups.

What Does a Law Firm Do?

When you are seriously injured in an accident, you may need to hire a personal injury attorney to handle your claim, but what exactly does a personal injury attorney do?

Most people know that if you are injured in a motorcycle, bus, truck, car accident, personal injury law firms can help you recover compensation for your injuries. However, most personal injury lawyers can help with more than personal injuries received in auto accident cases.

Dan Jacobs, an accident injury attorney in Denver, represents injury victims in many practice areas covered under personal injury law. If another person or company has injured you, we encourage you to contact our team for a free consultation.


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