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When your open road adventure turns into the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, you need a legal team that understands the unique challenges riders face. Our motorcycle accident lawyers are not just professionals, but they are enthusiasts who understand the passion and lifestyle that comes with riding. With a track record of successfully representing bikers, we are committed to getting you fair compensation for medical expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering. Don’t navigate the legal complexities alone – rely on our experienced team to advocate for your rights and guide you toward a full recovery.

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If you have been injured in an accident or incident, and you believe you have a motorcycle accident case, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer in Denver, Colorado can be an important step in seeking compensation for your injuries and losses.


Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents and Legal Recourse

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries in accidents due to the absence of a protective car shell. Jacobs Law PLLC Firm, we have seen many of these injuries, including broken bones (limbs, ribs, pelvis, and skull fractures), abrasions and cuts (commonly known as “road rash”). These accidents result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries affecting mobility and function, back injuries causing long-term pain, paralysis resulting in life-altering consequences, and injuries to limbs due to the force in some collisions. Crushing and even amputation in tragic cases occurs.

A Mistake in Motorcycle Accidents

In motorcycle accidents, fault can be attributed to various parties, including the driver of the other vehicle, who is often responsible for about half of car-motorcycle collisions. Reasons for such accidents include the driver not being able to see the motorcycle, being distracted, driving at high speed, careless behavior, fatigue or drunk driving. Motorcyclists may also be at fault in approximately half of accidents, which may include factors such as speeding, violation of traffic laws, driving under the influence, reckless behavior or fatigue. Poor road design or conditions, such as potholes or construction, can cause a motorcycle accident, leaving the party responsible for road maintenance liable for injuries and property damage. Additionally, like bad tires, defective motorcycle parts can also lead to accidents for which parts manufacturers may be held liable.


Careless Mechanic Working on Motorcycles

Negligent mechanics working on motorcycles may be liable for accidents and their consequences. It is important to note that Colorado employs a comparative fault approach, allowing individuals to seek compensation even if they share some blame for a motorcycle accident. Whether you were injured or are partially at fault, our experienced Denver motorcycle accident attorneys are ready to provide guidance and assistance.

In-Depth Understanding of Motorcycle Laws

Ensuring safety while riding a motorcycle in Colorado requires a thorough understanding of and compliance with the state’s motorcycle laws. Although many rules apply to all vehicles, there are also some specific rules that pertain only to motorcyclists. For example, riders 18 and older have the option to wear a helmet, but those under 18 must wear a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Bicyclists must use some form of eye protection, except for motorcycle windshields. Lane splitting is a gray area in Colorado, as it is neither explicitly allowed nor prohibited, emphasizing the importance of caution and courtesy. Motorcycles may have modulating headlights, which vary in intensity and are believed to increase visibility. The handlebars on a motorcycle cannot be higher than the rider’s shoulder height while seated, and if carrying a passenger, the bike must have footrests for them. While motorcycles must have a muffler system, noise levels are not explicitly regulated.


Motorcycle Accidents Can Happen For Different Reasons

Different types of motorcycle accidents can happen for different reasons, and it’s important to understand them to stay safe on the road. These include high-speed motorcycle accidents, where excessive speed reduces reaction times and makes it challenging to deal with unexpected hazards. Navigating turns can lead to accidents, especially when riders encounter obstacles such as sand or gravel, causing them to lose their balance. Head-on collisions, although less common, are often fatal for motorcyclists due to high speeds. Accidents with vehicles turning left pose a significant risk, as cars turning left may misjudge the speed of the motorcycle. Accidents when changing lanes are also prevalent, and while lane splitting is common, it can be risky due to the proximity of other vehicles. Motorcycle accidents caused by intoxication are a serious concern, with approximately 30% of road deaths in the US being caused by drunk driving accidents, one third of which involve motorcyclists.

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Understanding these common accident scenarios can help both motorcyclists and other drivers navigate the road more safely. Awareness of potential risks and practicing defensive driving can contribute to reducing the incidence of motorcycle accidents.

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